5 Ways To Beat Summers In Your Home

protect home from summerSummers are just round the corner, and it’s a fantastic time if you are planning to spruce up your home for the upcoming summers. There are lots of ways by which you can prevent you home from turning into a hot oven during this season and implementing them effectively keep your home nice and cool even on a scorching hot day. Sure you can install an air conditioner, which absolutely helps; nevertheless there are also small changes which will make your life a lot easier this summer.

1. Home colors: The shades you use at home is a superb way of regulating your home’s temperature. Imagine walking into a room with bright red walls on a warm sunny day. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Well, it’s pretty scientific as well, dark hues radiate a lot of heat which will increase the temperature inside your house gradually. So when its summer time, make it a point to stick to pastel shades and light colors, especially for your ceiling. This will give your home a nice refreshing feel to it and help beat the heat.

2. Window placements: How your windows are placed and how well the ventilation happens is a major factor to control your house’s temperature. Usage of blinds and shades will perfectly block the sun and keep your home cool. You have to plan a bit though regarding when which window needs to be opened and when the blinds need to go up and down. Sun blockers are a type of blind which will help to keep scorching sunlight out and keep in house temperature comfortable.

3. Fans: Air conditioners are effective, but definitely not cost effective.  Learn your options when it comes to air conditioners. If you want to keep your electricity bill low, installing fans can be the best possible option to beat the heat. You can get a window fan for your home which will suck the warm air from inside your home and circulate cool breeze from outside. Floor fans are a better option when it is warm outside, since window fans can circulate in warm air if it’s scorching outside.

4. Cooking in a smart way: Try to avoid appliances which generate a lot of heat, such as ovens. So, this might not be the best time to bake those cookies.

5. Cooler Light: It’s a good idea to install incandescent bulbs since they keep the temperature much regulated as they don’t generate as much heat as other lighting options. An add-on is that they draw at least 75 percent less energy so you get to save on your electricity bills as well.