Types Of Window Blinds

Window decorPlane windows don’t give that beauty band elegance to your room for that you need to have some window décor. One of the nicest ways of decorating your window is window blinds. Blinds are considered to be the most versatile ways to add style and beauty to your window and also give you some sought of privacy along with stopping the light to enter the room. Apart from the style part, you have also got variety of options in case of blinds to choose from. Each and every type of window blinds offer unique design and style. Window blinds are available for small windows, large windows and even doors. It is based upon your need and choice as to which type of window blinds you want to opt for. Here are some of the types of window blinds to choose from.

  • Venetian blinds

These types of blinds are considered to be the moist common types of blinds and are very easily available in the market. These types of blinds work in almost any type of room say bedroom, kid’s room, drawing room and any other you want it to install. These types of blinds offer very unique type of design availing horizontal slats. It is placed on the top of each other and it is held in its place by string. The cording system in these type of blinds allows the blinds to close up fully and also allow to open partially and you can have total control over the light entering your home.

  • Mini blinds

Mini blinds are form of venetian blinds only. These usually offer a smaller slat and more sleek kind of style. This smaller form of venetian blinds gives a really beautiful look especially for smaller windows or even larger windows which are clustered altogether. These are usually used in office and small homes. The general size of mini blinds is ½ inch in width.

  • Vertical blinds

The designing of vertical blinds is also very much similar to those venetian blinds. These kinds of blinds offer vertical pulling system of blinds instead of horizontal pulling system. This vertical design of blinds helps you to have less dust in your home and thus in turn your home stays much cleaner. Through this also you can have total control over light in your home. The opening and closing system of these types of blind is very easy and flexible.

  • Roller blinds

Roller blinds are one of the best ways to block up the light totally in our room. These types of blinds are having a one piece design and these are usually constructed on a metal pole which operates through a side chain or it can even operate through the spring mechanism. These design totally blocks up the light to enter into room when they are closed. Thus if you are having small baby, you can have this blinds to make him sleep during daytime.