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Maintenance know-how for hardwood flooring

hardwood flooringHardwood flooring is surely one of the most elegant flooring options. Timber carries a timeless and classy appeal and with its high durability, it makes for a worthy investment for the homeowners. But you need to ensure you have a solid maintenance regiment for your hardwood flooring to guarantee its glam appeal over the years. The article here will give you a brief breakdown on how to maintain your hardwood flooring.

Keep it dust-free

The best tip I can give you is to keep your hardwood floor completely dust and dirt free as dirt particles can leave unsightly scratch marks on the surface. Sweep the floor regularly with a soft broom. It’s best to use vacuum cleaners as they can suck up dust from every inch of the floor.

Don’t use water

Be careful not to use water on hardwood floors as water is very damaging for hardwood. In case there is any spillage, make sure to wipe it up as fast as possible. Use a dry towel here to wipe up any fluid remnants from the floor.

Never go for oil soaps

Don’t go for oil soaps while cleaning a hardwood floor. Oil soaps will build up on your floor and will eventually dull the surface, making it really difficult to refinish.

UV Rays and sunlight

People often say that UV rays from natural sunlight are harmful for hardwood flooring because they can cause discoloration over the years. For me though, I don’t think it causes so much damage where you have to worry about covering up your windows or skylights. In fact natural sunlight opens the room up and makes hardwood flooring glimmer in the sun.

Be careful with furniture

You should be careful while moving your furnishing on hardwood flooring. Make sure to lift them up while moving, rather dragging them across the floor, as you will end up scratching the finish.

Finally, you’ll want to do a professional finishing once in a year to keep in spotless and shiny.