Types Of Roofing

metal roofingConfused about which roofing style is more appropriate for your home? Roofing is considered as an important element of home. It is considered as the best defense from wind, snow, rain, etc. Not only specific roofing type but there are many other different types of roofing which will help you to ascertain the best roofing for your home. As the growing trend of new and different roofing styles are increasing, people like to choose different roofing for upgrading the look of their home. The different types of roofing are:

  1. Flat Roof

A flat roof is a roof which is not similar to other roofing. It has a flat surface contrast to other roofing types. Flat roof is considered as the most ancient type of roof which is constructed keeping in mind the earlier climate and its surface was also used for the living purpose of home. The areas where there is less possibility of rainfall, flat roofing is the appropriate option because it will help in keeping out of heat of sun. Its installation is cheap and easy. Flat roofs must be clean regularly to avoid dust because as this roof style does not have any sloppy part so the accumulation of dust would be more as compared to other roofing. The maintenance of flat roof can be high because its coating do not lies for more time. It may provide a safer option to build.

  1. Metal Roof

According to the research there is an increasing trend seen in accepting more of metal roof. Metal roofing is no doubt expensive but its uses also last for a longer period. During the last few years the metal roofing concept has been preferred more as compared to other roofing methods. People find metal roofing as one time investment. It is fire resistant, helps in avoidance of wind, snow, rain, heat, etc. Now a days metal roofing is light in weight  and it also helps the owners in preventing of less electric supply due to its high reflecting capacity of heat. Earlier people had only a specified choice of choosing particular metal roofing but now there are many coloured metal roofing available for their home.

  1. Slate roof

Slate roofing is considered as the most beautiful roofing method for home. Earlier history also says about the slate roofing because this roofing method is going on since decades and it is still in the phase of acceptance by the people for their home. Slate roofing is expensive to install so many of them avoid using this method. It is made by building different blocks of tiles and pouring regular water to make that roofing harder and resistant. It is considered as the sophisticated method of roofing. The disadvantage of slate roofing is, it is very heavy in weight as compared to other types of roofing.

  1. Wood roof

Wood roofing is Eco-friendly roofing method. Because the wood which is used for making the roof is renewable in nature and it does not harm the environment. Wood roofing is considered as the environment roofing method. People wishing installing it must take care of its critical criteria because wood is considered as the environmental element so a proper care of woods and its maintenance must be taken. It is long lasting in nature if it is maintained. Its repairing expenses are comparatively less than other method roofing.

  1. Skillion Roof

Skillion roof is single sloped roof. It is contrast to that of triangle roofing method. This roofing gives an elegant look to the home. People who want to install a styling element to their house , must use skillion roof. It can be made of glass or clay or wood strips. It has single flat surface on a side of the home. Skillion roof is preferred more because it is less expensive and more fascinating for the people. There is less drainage problems in skillion roofing because it comprises of sloppy surface.